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Hewlett-Packard Teams Up with Local Author at VIP Reception for Professional Businesswomen of California Conference



May 1, 2006. San Francisco, CA. Hewlett-Packard is co-sponsoring a VIP Reception for one of its former employees, Kathleen Archambeau, award-winning editor and local author of: Climbing the Corporate Ladder in High Heels. All invitees will receive a book at the reception, compliments of HP. Archambeau will be a speaker, along with former SVP of HP, Nora Denzel, at the Professional Businesswomen of California Conference, May 2nd 2006, Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, California. Two camera packs, including an HP digital camera and photo printer will be raffled off at the reception recognizing Archambeau’s first book, which is by invitation only for conference sponsors, speakers and media. The VIP Reception will be held at the first digital self-serve wine bar in the country, VinoVenue, 686 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA. VinoVenue, nominated Best Tasting Room by Sunset magazine, is women-owned and operated by partners Mary Lynn Slattery and Nancy Rowland. The owners plan to expand from the San Francisco venue to other franchises before the end of the year.


Archambeau’s book is endorsed by U.S. House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who said, “Regardless of what shoes we wear, Kathleen Archambeau’s book, Climbing the Corporate Ladder in High Heels is an essential tool for American women who want to succeed in business without giving up who they are as women.” This is the first book that shows women how to climb the corporate ladder and have fun doing it.


Emily Duncan, Culture & Diversity VP at Hewlett-Packard, says, “HP has always been ranked among the best companies for women. As a strategic partner with the Professional Businesswomen of California Conference, we felt co-hosting a VIP Reception to support the launch of Kathleen’s book and providing an opportunity for conference attendees to connect and network is just an extension of all the mentoring and networking programs we’ve put in place at HP for decades.”


From Princess to Soul Sister, from Girl Scout to Athlete, from Socialite to Apprentice, Archambeau’s book highlights 12 traditional female roles and gives women rules and exercises to help answer the question, “How can I have it all?” The secrets of success include:


·        How to thrive in a downsizing and outsourcing global economy

·        How to succeed in business and in life

·        What women can do when they hit the glass ceiling

·        The secret of becoming a billionaire


For the 63 million American working women who make up nearly 50 percent of the workforce, there are still only 8 women Fortune 500 CEOs. For the 50 years of working in Corporate America, women still lag behind men in equal pay, making only $0.77 on the dollar. Archambeau’s book tells why negotiating a first salary can be the difference of half a million dollars by the time the woman has reached age 60 (Babcock and Laschever, 2003).


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