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Iowa Alumni Magazine

Women Mean Business
by Tina Owen

What's the outlook for the fabled glass ceiling—and career-minded women —in today's changing world of work?



Minnesota Women's Press

Still lonely at the top Career & Work Feature:
by Kendall Anderson

Want to learn more?...
Climbing the Corporate Ladder in High Heels by Kathleen Archambeau



Forbes_MSNBC Logo

High heels to the top
Women must learn to use skills to carve out a successful career, happy life

There are 63 million working women in America, but fewer than 2 percent of the nation's largest companies have female chief executives. Though women make up 50 percent of the work force, women with families still perform 90 percent of the household chores and child-care duties. And among corporate women over 40, more than 40 percent have never married or had children. What's wrong with this picture? ... more



aliyana magazine


The book titled “Climbing the corporate ladder in high heels”, is every woman’s guide to being successful in business without neglecting being a woman. For most women in African countries, this remains a dream…

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Thursday, April 7, 2011 (click for video)

Daily Iowan Newspaper Logo
Iowa Alum -- Kathleen Archambeau -- Supports the Iowa Writers' Workshop

A University of Iowa graduate, Kathleen Archambeau, M.A., is focused on creating one of the first Iowa Writers' Workshop legacy scholarships dedicated to supporting the work of aspiring LGBT writers.

Read the article in the Daily Iowan


Nov 1, 2009
LA Times Magazine


The Other Woman Named Top 10 by L.A. Times Magazine

March 31, 2009 
Forum: 'Six Billion Paths for Peace'- Women come together for day long reflection of values

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"Kathleen Archambeau sets out to help professional women navigate the challenges in striving for corporate success, while maintaining some semblance of a balanced life...Archambeau does hit on some important issues. For instance, she stresses the importance of team building and the willingness to share credit at work, rather than scheming for individual credit (what goes around comes around)...(and) also offers expertise on work productivity, networking, salary negotiations and other work-life issues. Those who...absorb her substantive insights will come away with some valuable advice."
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There are 63 million working women in America, but fewer than 2 percent of the nation's largest companies have female chief executives.
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